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Buildings Burn, People Die, True Love Last Forever

It Can't Rain All The Time

Crystal M.
20 December 1983
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A bit about me. Well in this journal I write what I want. It may be depressing, happy, sexual, bitchy, or whatever pops into my head.

I'm bi-polar, I have severe anxiety, and sleeping problems.

Everything I like can be found in my interests, which will probably be added to as I go. This isn't my first journal, but I have not had the internet in a good while so I decided to start new. I am also the soulmate and wife to a wonderful husband and mother to a very precious boy, whom we consider our miracle baby.

This journal is not for people to judge me. It's not for people who are racist, predjuice in any way, egotistical, or people who have a problem with me. If you do, please move on. It is a journal for my stress. It is a journal for my happiness. It is a journal for me to express myself and my life in any which way I choose. So, if you find me the least bit intresting, comment and I'll add you. If not...like stated before...move on.

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